What Our Members Say......

Lovely to meet other families with a bleeding disorder and how they cope day to day . Also nice to talk about new products coming to the market and share opinions. A fun day for the children

Seeing the children playing happily together and enjoying a wonderful day out, not burdened by their conditions. Also great to meet other parents, share stories and help people understand that they are not alone in this and that others are living through it (and thriving through it!).

Quality family time, talking with others who really understand, for your children to see others in the same situation

Meeting others face to face who I had already been in contact with on Facebook and seeing others who I had already met. Felt so good to be a part of the group and see my children with the other children.

To be able to spend time with other families who walk the same path; the children all had a great time together and felt normal! It gave a really positive sense of community and I can't wait for the next event

To see my son being cared for by others with his condition. They were so sweet and gentle with him, I felt that it was really reassuring that they were so kind to him.

Meeting other people with Haemophilia and seeing that it's not as scary as I thought.

Meeting other families going through a similar experience and making friends.

Excellent way to make friends for the whole family who are going through similar experiences. Lovely people and of course fun days out!

Chance for kids to mix with others and make lifelong friends - not feel alone with their bleeding disorder. Chance to mix with other families going through similar situations - chance to support each other and inform each other.

Don't be hesitant to reach out and join in with this great group of people. You'll have great fun while also learning some really valuable information and tips on haemophilia that can help your son as well as your family with getting to grips with the condition.

Do it! You have nothing to lose and only friends and support to gain. I'm very grateful to the group, especially Lisa and her team for organising such fun events.

It's such a wonderful thing for the children and parents alike to have contact with someone else who understands what life with a bleeding disorder is like and there is pressure from the group, you can be as involved as little as you like or full on hands on member.