We all know how difficult it can be at the start of home treatment to remember exactly how to mix your factor products up. The families is our group use a range of different factor products and, some of them have kindly submitted a video to demonstrate how to mix that product. This group does check these videos but cannot be responsible for any errors or personal views expressed. These videos have been created by parents, for parents - we are all experts in our own experience but are of course not "medical experts".

This group does not advise or recommend any products and by showing these videos, we are not promoting or recommending those products shown. They are just the examples we have available to us. You can of course look up lots of tutorial videos on youtube and other sites for further information.

Ollie, severe A haemophiliac mixing Advate

Olivia mixing Indelvion for son Harry who has severe haemophilia B

Michelle mixing up Refacto for Lenny

Lucy E Demonstrating how to inject factor into Veins

Hannah Mixing Elocta

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