News - May 2021

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LFWBD Starting  Schools webinar
4th May 2021 - LFWBD Starting Schools webinar

Thanks to Gemma Gardner and Carreen McCay for their time last night to talk us though their hints and tips when starting nursery and school. The session was lovely and informal and members were able to ask questions throughout the evening.

There are many ways to prepare for what can be a very anxious time for parents and children alike, but there was a lot of reassurance that came from those that have already been through it. As with all our events, the evening whizzed by and we hope that everyone came away feeling that they were ready to send their child to nursery or school. We are hoping that discussions will continue, so if you have any questions, comments or advice please email us at

HBDCA Needle-phobia Workshop
29th May 2021 - HBDCA Needle-phobia Workshop

HBDCA was delighted to hold a needle-phobia workshop on 29 May for LFwBD. Meeting parents of children with needle-phobia as well as meeting parents who have needle-phobia themselves, reinforced why this psychological support is so needed. Myself and the team were humbled at listening to people's experiences and long-term issues. We hope that, in a small way, we have been able to give a glimmer of light to those who attended. I would like to say special thanks to my lovely team, to Dr Kate Khair and to Henry McCay and his Mum, Carreen, for sharing their expertise, wise words and 'top tips' with the attendees. And thanks too to Chugai Pharma UK Ltd and Roche Products Limited for awarding HBDCA a grant which enabled the needle-phobia workshop to be held.

But my biggest thanks goes to the Mums and Dad who attended and were brave enough to explore such a difficult topic. Thank you all. Christina Burgess. Director. HBDCA.