News - April 2021

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April 2021 - WHD 2021 COMPETITION TIME [Competition is now closed]

We think it is about time we had our very own Super Hero or Mascot that represents the bravery of our children and what it is like to live with a bleeding disorder. So, for a bit of fun, we thought we would turn this into a competition. One of our lovely mums Natalie Stead has been creating these fabulous Lockdown Monsters. We love them and thought it would be great if a toy could be made from the winning Super Hero design.

So, here we go, 1. Enter as many designs as you like!

2. Use the template you see here to guide you

3. E-mail your entry into with your name and age clearly stated


All entries will be judged after 12th April by an independent panel of judges and, winners will be announced on World Haemophilia Day - April 17th

The top three designs will each have their very own toy made by Natalie following their design. These will be mailed out to you so we will require an address for the top three winning designs.

The overall winning design will become our very own Super Hero who will be turned into these wonderful toys for future competition prizes and more. We hope that the winning design will feature on our website one day and even be available for purchase as well as a welcome gift from our charity to newly diagnosed families.

Any entries that do not win can still be created, by contacting Natalie Stead for prices.

So, get creative and, we very much look forward to seeing your designs. This is a great chance to show your support for #lfwbd and #WHD2021


A big thank you to Kate Burt, CEO of The Haemophilia Society, Clive Smith, Chair of The Haemophilia Society, Laurence Woollard, Director of On The Pulse Consultancy and huge supporter of Local families and Alex Dowsett, Founder of Little Bleeders and awesome (possibly Olympic) cyclist that we all know is an incredible inspiration to us all.

It's great to be connected with so many other voices within our community and have their support with this.

Winner announced on Saturday!

17th April 2021 - World Haemophilia Day

Congratulations to Declan, aged 10, for winning our superhero design competition. Well done Declan. The Judges loved your design and we think he is going to make a great addition to the Local families team.

Deciding on the top three superheroes was a really tough decision for the judges.
Whilst we had a clear winner in Declan, we also had many other excellent designs that were strong contenders for second and third position.
In the end the judges couldn't decide and so awarded two joint second place winners.
Well done Isabella and Summer both age 13 and four designs in third place. Well done to Henry age 11, Teddy age 3 and Alfred age 6 with two entries!

Big thanks to Kate Burt, Clive Smith, Laurence Woollard and Alex Dowsett for being our judges.

17th April 2021 - World Haemophilia Day ++FUNDRAISING NEWS++

A BIG thank you to the truly remarkable and fabulous Carreen McCay for raising over £500 for Local families with bleeding disorders at her World Haemophilia Day event at her son's school!

Many of you know how much Carreen McCay does for this group and the community as a whole so, thank you so much and thank you to everyone who generously donated to help us continue to support our families.

We are looking forward to spending this on a day out soon!

FUND RAISING FOR LFWBD for Captain Tom 100 Challenge.
30th April 2021 - FUND RAISING FOR LFWBD for Captain Tom 100 Challenge.

Are you ready for the Captain Tom 100?

This time last year, with his 100th birthday fast approaching, Captain Tom Moore started fundraising for NHS Covid Appeal.

He was looking for sponsorship as he aimed to complete one hundred 25-metre lengths of his garden, ten lengths per day, with the help of a walking frame.

Quickly going viral, his story inspired the nation and more than 1.5 million generous people from all over the world donated over £38.9 million to his cause.

Now, on what would have been his 101st birthday, you can help build on his legacy by taking part in the Captain Tom 100 challenge.

All you have to do is think up a challenge based on the number 100 and take part over the long weekend between Friday 30 April and Monday 3 May. Your challenge can be anything you like - you could walk 100 steps, run 100 metres, score 100 goals, or climb 100 stairs.

It's a great way to raise money for a good cause - you could get sponsorship in aid of The Captain Tom Foundation or any other charity of your choice.

Oh, and don't forget to share your story and photos on social media using #CaptainTom100.