News - April 2020

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Paul Stephens
17th April 2020 - Friday Hangout

Friday Hangout with Paul Stephens and Lisa Steadman to celebrate World Haemophilia Day.

17th April 2020 - World Haemophilia Day

PE with Joe Wicks, everyone welcome to join in.

Wednesday 15th April - Webinar: "Where have we been and where are we going?"

Webinar: "Where have we been and where are we going?"

Dr Kate Khair, Consultant Nurse at Great Ormond Street Haemophilia Centre for 28 years and now Director of Research at Haemnet, shares her experience in caring for families with bleeding disorders during a period of enormous medical advancement and changes within the world of haemophilia care.

As part of our week of World Haemophilia Day Activities, please join us for a brief history in haemophilia care, a talk about how things have changed and, a look at what's coming next.

Be sure to come prepared to hear Kate's fascinating perspective on the bleeding disorders community and the social and psychological impact a bleeding disorder can have on family life.

Also, what questions do you have for Kate? Submit them to us here (or message me direct) before the session and, we will make sure they are passed to Kate for the session.

Kate is also interested to hear from you about any subject you feel we don't yet have the answers to. You never know - they could form the basis of her next research project!