News - January 2020

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Paul Stephens
13th January 2020 - Paul Stephens Webinar

Paul Stephens. Joined by his mum Lesley hosted a wonderfully inspiring and uplifting webinar for Local families with bleeding disorders. Paul shared his bleeding disorder story with us and gave us his perspective on what life has been like for him growing up with severe haemophilia. What was most inspiring though was his attitude to life.
Supported by his family, Paul has never let haemophilia stop Tim shivering what he wants in life and, has already achieved his cricketing dream of becoming a cricket coach. Thanks to Paul and Lesley for being so open to answering all the questions thrown at them. You brought great reassurance and optimism to many families by sharing your experience.

St. John’s First Aid Training
14th January 2020 - St. John's First Aid Training

Lisa attended a First Aid course today with the St. John's Ambulance. As a registered charity that hosts events for families, we felt it was important to ensure we have a registered first aider at our events in case of any accidents. Fortunately, they included bleeding as part of their course! No trouble passing that bit.

Trustee Meeting
18th January 2020 - Trustee Meeting

Lisa, Jackie and Carreen held the first Trustee meeting for Local families with bleeding disorders since becoming a registered charity. Given our new status, lots of work is needed around agreeing policies, becoming familiar with financial and accounting practices, roles and responsibilities and, setting our mission, vision, aims and strategic objectives for the coming year

Local failmies with bleeding disorders - Press Release
19th January 2020 - Press Release

Read the full press release here.

Committee Meeting
21st January 2020 - Committee Meeting

The committee held a very productive meeting last night with lots of progress being made around event planning, fund raising, grant applications and ideas for various promotional materials. These will help us work towards one of our main strategic objectives this year which is to raise awareness of our charity as well as bleeding disorders generally. A big thank you to the committee members for all their time and ideas to help ensure the success of Local families with bleeding disorders.

Genetic Disorders UK Grant Awarded
29th January 2020 - Genetic Disorders UK Grant Awarded

Today, we announced that, we have been awarded a grant from Genetic Disorders UK to hold a residential weekend at a PGL centre in Surrey this Autumn. This is incredible news for our group - our first ever grant application and, we have been successful. We are all thrilled with the news and are looking forward to planning the weekend away with some of our members.