News - November 2019

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QAV Ltd Donate Camera
1st November 2019 - QAV Ltd Donate Camera

QAV Ltd of Ely, Cambridgeshire have donated a Nikon camera to Local Families with Bleeding Disorders for use at our events. QAV provide audio and visual solutions at large scale events and work closely with Synergy Medical, one of our very first sponsors. This is a great donation which will help us record the special moments and memories we share at our events. A big thank you to all at QAV.

Queen Matilda's Foundation
10th November 2019 - Wellbeing for Mums

We held our first Wellbeing and Self Care event for mums today. It was a lovely afternoon held in a fantastic venue that really helped create an atmosphere of calm that we all needed. We spent the afternoon sharing our haemo stories and the way it affects the lives of us and our families. It feels very special to have brought together a group of people that feel able to share and support in this way.

Special thanks to Christina Burgess for hosting and funding this event as well as offering tips on how to look after ourselves and the importance of making time for ourselves as carers. Also to Marilyn Gollom for teaching us all some great relaxation techniques using Tai Chi, Meditation and Qigong.

Michelle Bibby Christmas Fair
30th November 2019 - Michelle Bibby Christmas Fair

Michelle Bibby will be running several stalls for the group at the Christmas Fair at her school.

Michelle's stalls raised £260.