News - August 2019

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15th August 2019 - Music Workshop Offer

Mark Baker, dad of Theo who you may remember from our recent bloopers videos, is a musician and guitar tutor.

He has very kindly offered to run a music workshop with some of the children from our group, potentially from his home studio in Hampton or, from another venue depending on numbers.

Mark wants to give something of his time and experience to this group to bring the children together to work on a creative project together as a team.

They don't need to be musically talented already to take part but, if we do have any keen singers or musicians out there, it would be great to have them on board to share their skills.

Mark will teach some basics about music and simple song writing rules. Using his computer, keyboard and speakers, the idea is that the group will be able to build some musical ideas together, potentially even write a song.... possibly one about haemophilia. How cool would that be, to have our own theme tune written by our younger members.

We may even video the session to create a music video to go along side any possible outputs. But let's not get too carried away with this for now!

At this stage, we are looking for some feedback and level of interest in this opportunity. It would be held on a Sunday and would probably be for about three hours.

If you are interested, please let myself and Mark know by posting below so that we can then start to think about possible dates and venues.

I would like to thank Mark for offering us his time and expertise. I think this is a great opportunity for our group to do something a little different and maybe even produce something we can be proud of.

Contact Us for more information.

15th August 2019 - Synergy Medical Meeting

Anna and Lisa has a great meeting with Kelly from synergy medical last week. We spent some time developing our communications plan. We talked about how we could make Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, linked in and our website all work together to ensure we communicate consistent messages to different target audiences. Also to ensure we have good material to talk about to the various audiences each month.

Hannah Coffee Morning
17th August 2019 - Nicola BBQ

Nicola and her family had a great day at their summer BBQ yesterday or as Jacob likes to call it "his haemophilia party". They had a lot of fun eating, drinking, laughing, holding their silent auction, selling raffle tickets and of course raising awareness and funds. They raised £471 and even managed to recruit a kind friend who had offered to raise funds for our group at his next 20k run! What an incredible day. Thanks to the Green Family.

Starting School - Hints and Tips
29th August 2019 - Starting School - Hints and Tips

We held our first webinar last night to support those families within our group that are about to send off their little ones to school for the first time. It was a great session using a presentation built from hints, tips and advice shared by many of our members who have already faced this challenge. Another first for our group which was very successful with some great feedback.