News - May 2019

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Lenny School Cake Sale
4th May 2019 - LFWBD Starting Schools Webinar

Thanks to Gemma Gardner and Carreen McCay for their time last night to talk us though their hints and tips when starting nursery and school. The session was lovely and informal and members were able to ask questions throughout the evening.

There are many ways to prepare for what can be a very anxious time for parents and children alike, but there was a lot of reassurance that came from those that have already been through it. As with all our events, the evening whizzed by and we hope that everyone came away feeling that they were ready to send their child to nursery or school. We are hoping that discussions will continue, so if you have any questions, comments or advice please email us at

Lenny School Cake Sale
7th May 2019 - Cake Sale and a Raffle for Lenny's whole school

I decided to dedicate myself to doing a cake sale and a raffle at Lenny's school to raise money for this group as in the past, I've not known of anyone with haemophilia. Lenny's response to me fundraising was the best. He said "Mummy you always tell me you are proud of me" so with that, I started to organise more fund raising. After my first fund raiser, I was introduced to this group, and what an amazing group this is, offering support, friendships and also, Lenny realising that he is not the only boy to have haemophilia. So, for my second fundraiser, I did a cake sale and a raffle for Lenny's whole school... We raised an amazing £1,060!!!!!