Local families with bleeding disorders are a group of families based in London and The Home Counties that offer each other support and understanding about what it is like to live with a bleeding disorder. We offer this support via educational and social events that offer guidance based on experience and, a network of families to create and build friendships within.

We were established in March 2019 and since then, have grown rapidly to over 120 members (almost 80 families) and become a registered charity.

Our members live with mild, moderate and severe forms of Haemophilia A, B and vonWillebrands but, we welcome those with other bleeding disorders too.

We believe that sometimes, parents, carers, siblings or children living with a bleeding disorder just want to connect with others experiencing the same challenges that their condition brings. It is therefore our goal to offer "support for families, by families".

Registered Charity: 1186979

Whilst we are not able to hold face to face events until it is safe to do so, we are still here to support our
members via our Facebook page so please do get in touch if you have any questions or need support.

Local Familes With Bleeding Disorders Registered Charity 1186979,
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